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Chicago Alternative Comics Expo

I am one of the organizers for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)! CAKE is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers.

CAKE is 100% free! I hope you can join us.

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)
Saturday and Sunday, May 31 & June 1, 2014
11 am – 6pm
Center on Halsted
3656 N Halsted
FREE and open to the public!

About Neil

At night Neil draws kid-friendly comics & organizes the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo... During the day he works at Quimby's Bookstore.

Chicago, IL


comics train

Spend three quarters of a day travelling to a comics festival!Have awkward conversations with strangers!The Café Car's over-priced watered-down coffee is a must!Learn the lesson of futility, trying to get a good night's sleep in an oversized chair!-Bonus: You get to sleep IN YOUR CLOTHES!I'm going to be traveling to SPX via Amtrak's Capitol Limited, and would love some company.The train leaves Chicago at 6:40 on Thursday evening, and arrives in Rockville, MD at 12:10 the following afternoon. All times subject to Amtrak's ridiculous inability t...

chicago zine fest

The Chicago Zine Fest is taking place, March 8 and 9 this year! I'm pleased as punch to be participating in the fest as an invited guest! I'm going to be hosting Zine Lose or Draw, a fun drawing competition on Friday night 10pm (WAY past MY bed time), at Quimby's Bookstore (like I'm not stuck there often enough)!  There'll be prizes and gifts to be given, hopefully some sort of refreshment will be handed out (no poison allowed).I'll also be tabling at the Zine Fest, on Saturday, up on the 8th floor of 1104 S Wabash at table 79 (the year I ...

Yock Yok!

So Fereshteh Toosi and I have been dating for almost two years, she's an amazing person and artist who often seems to have limitless energy, and is never satisfied with the work she's putting out.  Above is a picture of her from a performance she created for Defibrillator about a year ago. She's currently working on a years-long project, Garlic and Greens, which is a multifaceted mixed-media art piece that grew out of her tenure at ArcheWorks.  Garlic and Greens investigates food traditions, specifically focusing on African American s...

gimme some cake! a play in one act.

MARK:Hey Neil, what have you been up to?NEIL:Oh, Y'know, like this and that.MARK: Oh yeah?  Like what?NEIL:I don't know, bustin' heads, feedin' pigeons.  That sorta thing.MARK: Cool.  Cool.NEIL:Oh, I'm also organizing CAKE, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo.  It's taking place June 16th & 17th at 1104 South Wabash (8th floor, jerks!), from 11am and 6pm.KNIGHT #2:A comics show?!  Ah man, those things cost so much money!  And I don't have any! [turns, kicks the dirt]NEIL:Not CAKE.ORKA:Whaaa-????NEIL:Yeah, you d...

free comic book day is tomorrow!

Free Comic Book Day is a really exciting holiday for me (mainly because of the "free" and the "comic book" components of the equation).  Often times it's official, sanctioned free comics that are handed out from larger publishers, but each year it seems more and more smaller publishers are taking it upon themselves to publish free comics.  This year, Tugboat Press has Runner Runner & Sparkplug Comicbooks, Teenage Dinosaur, Revival House & Floating World Comics released Bad Trip.  Last year, Sam Sharpe, Erik Schneider and ...